Body Speak

“The harder you push yourself, the harder your ‘self’ pushes back.” Anonymous

I sit here this morning experiencing cold symptoms after a full, albeit amazing, weekend. Is my “self” pushing back?

So I wonder, what if it is? What if, despite what seemed to be good planning, great fun, overall balance (Friday-Monday), my body is pushing back and asking for rest?

When I ignore the body too long, it demands attention. And when the body demands, I find it very difficult to remain centered in my spirit, emotional well-being, intellectual pursuit. I could judge myself as having another lesson to learn: people deal with illness all the time! Or I could listen and honor the cry of my body.

When your body is screaming, “Listen to me. Rest me. Honor me.”:

What unfolds as you listen?
What if you don’t?

What is your body asking for now?

What is YOUR wisdom?