Catch Yourself!

How often do you hear yourself begin a response with “I can’t … I never … I always …”?

“I never take a break when there’s a deadline.”
“I can’t do that – I’m not talented enough.”
“No, I won’t drive through town – I always take the highway.”

Scan the various areas of your life (home, parenting, relationships, work, recreation…). Listen for your inner I Never … I Can’t … I Always …”. My “favorite” such phrases have included:

I’m not good enough to do that.
I don’t have time for that.

But I am practicing catching myself and reframing:

I could practice a bit and get better.
I may not be as good as others, but, yes, I am good enough!
If I moved that task into tomorrow or decided it didn’t need to happen, I’d have plenty of time!

My invitation to you today is:

Catch Yourself!

Notice when your first reaction is an immediate shut down of an idea, a Never or Can’t or Always kind of statement. Then play with alternatives like:

I usually don’t … but I’ll try.
I feel incapable of doing … but maybe I can – with a bit of help!
I prefer … but I’ll experiment.

Have fun. Watch your world expand.

What’s possible now?

What is YOUR wisdom?