The story of the infant
born of Love in yonder cave
was heralded by angels
on that blessed Christmas day!

When shepherds heard the news,
they joined the angel chorus
and visited the stable;
went to see the child glorious.

Bearers, too, of many gifts
journeyed ‘cross the land
to see the child wrapped in Love:
God’s call to understand.

Today as we create anew
the story of the Christ’s birth,
we sing again as angels did.
We herald our own birth.

For the child born in Bethlehem
is nestled in our hearts.
As one, this Love and we shall be.
And never shall we part.

Our lives will be transformed
by Love burning in our soul.
We’ll place this Light before us:
seek Love’s message as our goal.

Our friends, the folks who love us,
are the shepherds. And we know
they encourage and support us:
sing our Truth as we do grow.

Gifts of plenty shower all
when Jesus’ Truth bursts forth
as love and peace and joy from
our own hearts on Christmas morn!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2003

What is YOUR wisdom?