As the lion found within himself that courage ever dwells,
so I have excavated and my soul it now reveals
courage long forgotten after years of gross neglect.
Yet, dusted off and now embraced, it leads. For time has kept

its latent strength undamaged, its potency, yet pure.
With courage, cradled now in prayer, each step I can endure.
I walk into the world with ease, no need have I for fear.
That foe of creativity is no longer welcome here.

Courage, now and always, ever mine as I but choose
to feel its presence deeply, then walk on within its shoes.
Courage as my foothold leaves me free to flow with ease.
Now the challenges before me are great possibilities!

Walking in the world today with courage at my side,
I freely now reveal all that in me I used to hide.
With courage as my partner, Divine Mind my constant guest,
dreams that grow within me are with ease made manifest!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2008

What is YOUR wisdom?