Do you really value YOU?

Think about where you spend the energy of your life. What is so important to you that it gets your time and attention? My list includes a passion for the spiritual evolution of humanity, our expanding consciousness which is fairly invisible.

Does your list include the invisible?

Do you:

  • do the “behind the scenes” work?
  • share ideas freely that you seek no credit for?
  • pray for others or send well wishes?
  • intentionally smile and say hello to strangers?

I am willing to bet that you do some or all of these and that others appreciate these aspects of you. My question for you is:

Do YOU honor this generous, loving, sometimes invisible you?
Do YOU  really value YOU?
What if you did?

If you don’t know the answer to that last one or if your answer to the others is “no”, please take on this challenge:

Write a thank you note … to you!

What is YOUR wisdom?