Forget It!

Forget what? Forget the questions, the thoughts, the fears or worries which loop endlessly in your mind consuming CPU cycles and draining your battery. You know them:

What if that happens?
What’s he doing now?
How can I keep from …?
What will they think if …?
What do I need to do to fix it?

We do it all the time. We are constantly planning, conniving, predicting, solving “problems” which haven’t happened yet and trying to change what we can’t control. Perhaps we think that by “being with it in our mind” we are actually doing good.

Yes, sometimes we are given an idea in our thoughts which, when acted upon, has positive impact. And there is a time and place for thinking about solutions to things. There is even value in “holding a question in the background – loosely” and letting our intuition “work on it”.

However, all too often, we consume our life energy with planning and projections while the world about us and the “players” in the “situation”, are changing. We are losing our serenity and maybe even our sanity by living in our heads.

Today’s invitation: lighten your load! Whenever you find yourself hashing and rehashing, caught in the endless loop in your mind:

Calendar it and Forget it!

That’s it! Pick a date (or even a time later today!) when you commit to concerning yourself with the issue in a calm and proactive manner, free of the spinning and worry you currently experience. Mark your calendar or set a timer, then let it go – forget it! Treasure the freedom from its grip. Do something else. Have fun. Complete a task that’s been nagging. Meditate. Most importantly – forget the “problem”! Then, when the timer rings or that date arrives, stop everything else and be fully with the “problem”.

What has changed?
What is true now?
What is possible?
What do you know?
What is yours to do?

If you find that answers don’t come, maybe it’s not time yet. So:

Calendar it and Forget it!

What is YOUR wisdom?