Four Leaf Clovers

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green? Eating corned beef and cabbage?

Or, like the child in me, do you bypass all of that and spend your hours outside looking for 4 leaf clovers and good luck?

Photo of 4 leaf clover

Yes, that was me! And I got quite good at it actually. Wherever I went, I would get the urge to glance downward, and there it would be! As the years wore on, I found 4, 5, 6 and even one 7 leaf clover! Wikipedia has just informed me that others have found not only 7 leaf clovers … but a 56 leaf clover! (Hmm… maybe my collection isn't so special after all.)

I also read that the extra leaves are the product of both environment and a recessive gene. Now this fact intrigues me. Many of those 3 leaf clovers out there have a recessive gene which, under the right conditions, would turn it into a lucky 4-leaf variety, special and certainly quite unique in its imperfect expression.

Do you know that you also have a recessive gene, a predisposition to a perfectly imperfect, unique self-expression? You do!

Every one of us has recessive genes: hidden talents, secret dreams, unspoken ideas, magical potential. Unfortunately, many of us fail to provide ourselves with the nurturing environment to express our recessive genes. Sometimes we even go out of our way to mask them by going along with the crowd, doing what society expects, perfecting our chameleon-like tendencies. Is this you?

What makes you unique?
What are you withholding?
What nurturing do you need?
What are you waiting for?

With springtime just around the corner, consider tending your inner clover garden. Let your hidden gifts blossom!

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