From “broken” or “whole”?

Many people – MANY PEOPLE – are doing personal development work. Whether in the context of work, physical well-being, as a parent or partner, personal development efforts are helping each of us be more of who we can be and making our world a better place. We are doing this work in many ways: books, teachers, guides, counselors, coaches. Perhaps you’ve tried more than one. Perhaps you’ve been on the journey for many years.

Today’s thought is simple:

How do you approach personal development?

No, I’m not asking about the books you’ve read or exercise programs you’ve been on. I’m asking this: From what baseline, what “truth”, do you approach personal development? And I offer you these two options:

  1. I am broken and need “fixing”.
  2. I am innately whole and am releasing all that blocks this truth.

The first option implies that, as I am, I am  not enough. I am insufficient, bad, wrong, etc. You get the idea. I need to change with help from the outside. From this perspective, I feel defeated before I begin.

The second option is different. It says, “I am enough. I have all I need to create a successful, happy life or to become the kind of worker I want to be. I have within me the strength and courage, wisdom and fortitude to express myself as I desire.” With this option, personal development is about clearing the blocks which cause the appearance of broken and in need of fixing.

Are you ready to claim option two?
Are you ready to affirm that you are innately whole?

As you approach the gym or the challenge your boss gave you, take a deep breath and repeat:

I am innately whole.
I now release all blocks to this truth.

Try it for a few weeks. Let the words carve new grooves in your brain. Fake it till you make it!

Broken or Whole?

One Reply to “From “broken” or “whole”?”

  1. Love this, Jeanne. I spent years on track #1 — and I continued to hurt and nothing really changed. Oh, the second option feels much better (and is where things have shifted). 🙂

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