From the edge of my growth…

When was the last time you were courageous enough to have a conversation where:

  • you went beyond “reporting the news”?
  • you let down your guard?
  • you explored the unknown?
  • you learned something about you?

In 2014, I wrote the following in What’s Alive In Me Now? Time for the journey of your life! 

What if this is a book of connection? What if this is simply a story … a story of human experience, human evolution, spiritual expansion, coming into one’s own? You see, that is what feels most vital to me now. When I share from the edge of my growth, I share with purpose and passion, energy and joy! When I simply relate what I have done or things I have learned, I get bored.

Every day we have opportunities to connect deeply, to explore together, to live from the edge of our growth. Yet, often, we don’t. From starter questions like:

What’s new?
What did you do today?

we invite others to look backwards – to recall and report the news. What if the starter questions were:

What motivates you now?
What is your heart struggling with?
What is your current growth edge?

Okay, I’ll admit those might have your friend running fast and scared! We’re not comfortable with the vulnerability of revealing our struggles, our not knowing. We wait until we’ve figured it out – then we share – then we “report the news”.

Imagine though, the excitement of approaching others with the belief that they have something to give you, that you are meant to learn from them. All you need to do is be open and receptive. From this perspective, you ask yourself:

What motivates me now?
What is my heart struggling with?
What is my current growth edge?

and then you listen, trusting that the human being you are with will enlighten you – perhaps without their even knowing it! You may experiment with sharing your not knowing around your growth edge – be the example of a deeper kind of connection. Then watch what happens without asking those uncomfortable questions. I trust you’ll find yourself in more meaningful, “edge of our growth”, conversations. Exciting, yes???

Are you ready to live from the edge of your growth?
Are you ready to listen to the world around you for guidance?

2 Replies to “From the edge of my growth…”

  1. Thank you for this Jeanne. I intend to re- implement journaling. Perhaps today is the day I finally follow through on this intention with your questions as inspiration to explore and break down my barriers.

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