Get Over Yourself!

Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Keep it handy, you’ll need it shortly.

What should “I” do?
What will happen to “me”?
Where is “my” career headed?
What if “I” fail?

Just for a moment, call to mind your greatest achievement – something you feel very proud of. This could be something you were openly acknowledged for – or not. Got it?

On your page, in the first column, list all the ways you made this achievement happen. What skills did you employ? What qualities such as courage or tenacity or leadership did you display? Who were you to be able to do this?

Pretty remarkable you are!

Now, step back a bit. In column two, write what you notice when you ask yourself these questions:

  • What or who contributed to you developing that skill?
  • Who modeled the way of being that you displayed?
  • What experiences allowed you to become someone who was so capable?
  • Who or what set the stage for you to accomplish so much?

I didn’t become a writer without teachers, a life coach without both my own coach and many trainers, a loving human being without others loving me and modeling love. I didn’t develop the beliefs which guide me without those who led the way as authors, speakers, leaders, creators, mystics, guides. So …

Get over yourself! 

Let’s get over ourselves and become the influence that others have had on us. Let’s become part of the ever-evolving, intimately connected human family. If we accomplish something, let’s acknowledge all who have led the way and supported us. If we see an opportunity to support another on their path to greater accomplishment, let’s jump in and be the rock they stand on. Let’s be the best “me” in service of the great “we”.

What’s possible when we develop our “me” to serve the “we”?


What is YOUR wisdom?