Heart Excitement

I woke to an awareness of an energy in me – that of heart excitement. When I bothered to stop and be present to it, I felt a fullness in my chest and pounding in my heart. It was a feeling of opening that was expanding up through my throat and the crown of my head allowing light, joy, possibility and abundant ideas to flow in from the Universe, be received and molded by my imagination, and then energized by the energy flowing through my veins.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because this feeling, and the expansion of awareness that is possible, is accessible YOU! The trick is noticing. We must stop doing, stop thinking, stop managing and controlling long enough to become aware of other sources of insight. Yours may not be heart excitement – it may be tingling in your fingers. It may be a tightness or energy ball in your throat that says, “I have something to say”!

 How does your body speak?
What energy source do you ignore?
What would paying attention look like?

What practices will raise your awareness level?

What is YOUR wisdom?