How Fascinating!

What happens when you get off-track, lose focus, or perhaps even forget to follow through on commitments? Maybe we’re talking about those commitments you make to yourself to practice new habits. Maybe it is a commitment you made to a dear friend or family member. Perhaps it’s a commitment you made in the course of a coaching session and you’ve arrived at your next session “empty handed”. It might even be a commitment you’ve made at work to your supervisor or a coworker.

What happens in you at these times? Are you prone to berating yourself, labeling yourself a failure, or even quitting? How is this working for you? Consider a few other options prompted by this short “new message to self”:

How fascinating! Begin again!

Add to that “What can I learn here?” and you’ve got a recipe for positive forward movement. Next time you find yourself “off the intended trail”, lighten up and try it!

How fascinating! What can I learn here?
What’s possible when mistakes are fascinating?

What would we experience if we all took this lighter approach?

For a whole lot more on the power of “How fascinating!”, read The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander:

What is YOUR wisdom?