I Get To … Again!

Huh? Well, I am aware that I wrote an article awhile back called “I Get To!” and it highlighted the difference between I Get To and I Have To

Today is a bit different. Just a bit. It is Saturday and, following a good night’s sleep and waking to a body that feels good and healthy, I face a day of fun! Today, I get to enjoy family, play, go to a movie, do some yoga. I get to treasure the moments, breathe in deeply, go with the flow, make a little music. I get to wrap the last few Christmas gifts and have them ready for today and one more connection in February. I get to write to you!

I notice that gratitude is overflowing. So many gifts, so many blessings.

What is on your “I get to” list today?

What flavor is your gratitude?


What is YOUR wisdom?