I have a vision …


Well, I guess I have many visions. But today, there is one that I am very present to. The last three posts have invited you to think about why your life is calling for you to partner with a life coach.  My vision is that each one of you who read these posts:

Hire a life coach … Me?
Hire a life coach … a few more reasons!
Yes YOU deserve the gift of a life coach!

has said, “YES – there is no doubt I would like to partner with a life coach!” And, because of that, your requests for an exploratory session followed by hiring me as your coach are now requiring me to remind you of many other amazing coaches in our world! Yes, there are many, each with their own niche, presence and gifts to offer. Here a just a few coaches that you might want to check out:

Help me make my vision a reality!


2 Replies to “I have a vision …”

    1. Thank you, April! Truly, we could ALL benefit from a partner on the journey and the partnerships are many. Some of us will find our ideal guide in a spiritual community such as Unity of Appleton, others in their life partner, some in a coach, some will be fortunate to have a mentor in the workplace. Let’s all consider what this world will be like when each of us is willing to ask for and receive help … and then pass it on when it is our time!

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