In My Heart of Hearts

In my heart of hearts
I want nothing more
than to reach beyond the wall:
walk straight through the door.
In my heart of hearts
I am standing tall.
Facing possibilities,
I have no fear at all

Funny how I’ve stood
so many times before
face to face unto this wall
and never seen a door.

The wall’s a line unto the sand
that limits what I see.
I focus on the life in view:
reducing possibility.

I’ve drawn this line unto the sand,
turned my back so I’ll not see
the realms that stretch before me:
life’s true immensity.

If but one breath I’d blow
across the line that I’ve embraced,
In just that instant I would find
the line to be erased.

So simple yet I hesitate
my line now to release.
Yet when I do I’ll find myself
enfolded in sweet peace.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007

What is YOUR wisdom?