In Search of Balance

Do you ever notice in yourself a very strong pull of masculine energy? It is characterized by inner voices, often repeating messages from our outer realities, which say:

  • Do more
  • Not enough
  • Not good enough
  • Keep going, there is no time to stop
  • Your feelings don’t matter

And the voices continue non-stop if we allow them.

Yet there is another energy, another voice, a feminine, grounded, centering, sensitive, intuitive side in us all. The feminine energy speaks in these ways:

  • What are you feeling?
  • What would be easeful?
  • What does your inner wisdom know?
  • What rest do you need?
  • What answer awaits your receptivity?

You may relate to these energies as the yin and yang, symbolized here:

The Yin-Yang Symbol

Notice the balance and flow. The feminine yin merges into the masculine yang, white into black, flow and balance. You may believe that one is better than the other. I’d like to invite you into an exploration of both. Whether you are man or woman, you possess and need both energies. If this idea is foreign, or if you are aware of the concept yet are challenged to embrace both energies with your life,  I invite to read more about it. I also recommend this book though it is written from the perspective of woman needing to understand the value of the inner masculine and use it to reconnect with her inner feminine:

Consider it an introduction to a way of being that honors all of you and welcomes a yin, or feminine infused yang into your life. And a feminine, yin energy that is supported by its yang counterpart. From this place, you are free to choose:

What aspects of the masculine do I need now?
How would feminine energy serve this situation?
In what ways am I out of balance?
In what ways have I allowed either energy to go unchecked, unconsciously controlling my actions?

What is YOUR wisdom?