“nothing is possible unless the door is open
a mind full of itself caught up in its own tentacles
living in memory
never hears the whispers from the depth
only in innocence are we vulnerable to reality
only in not-knowing does the light appear”

~ Billy Doyle, The Mirage of Separation

I remember as a teenager thinking, “I will be an adult soon. I’ll graduate from college, get married, and have all the answers I need to succeed in life.”

Okay, pretty silly and naive!

And, gratefully, I have come to desire a mindset of continual learning, growth and change until my dying breath. Yet, how many of us, in response to the changes that are ever-present in the world around us, become inflexible, clinging to “the way it has always been” or “what has always worked”?

Today, I invite you to open, to embrace an attitude of expansion, growth, softness and flexibility in an area where you have previously been closed and inflexible.

What does flexible look and feel like here?
What is possible when you embrace change?


What is YOUR wisdom?