Intrude on Yourself!

There is a skill in coaching called “intruding” or interrupting the client. It has a couple key uses, one of which is yet another way of being with “stories” :

  1. When a client is “telling a story” and taking it “way too far” – caught up in details and not learning from their personal reaction to or engagement in the situation – the coach may intrude and perhaps ask for “just the facts” or “bottom line” or “what’s they REAL issue?” or “what aren’t you saying?”
  2. When the coach has an intuition, an “Aha!” and it fits … NOW … in order to most benefit the client, the coach may interrupt and ask “I just had an intuition … may I share?”

The purpose here is to help the client go beyond the story, go deeper, get outside the box, vision, shift gears – learn. Coaching is about forwarding action and deepening learning. We usually don’t learn much from telling and retelling our tales.

Here’s the challenge for you this week: Intrude on yourself! Catch yourself rehashing a story, or embellishing, or rationalizing, or “wasting time in your head”. Catch yourself and INTRUDE! Then ask one or more of these questions:

What is the real issue?
What am I making up here?
What do I refuse to see?
What action is mine to take?
What if I just let it go?

What is YOUR wisdom?