Intuitive Wisdom

Did you know that you have access to a profound source of wisdom, guidance that is tailored to your specific needs and makeup?

Yes, you do. Every human being is wired with intuitive wisdom, guidance that comes from our emotions, our physical responses to stimuli, from thoughts and ideas which seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear just about as quickly. Yet, these sources of information are ever-present and intended to support our choices and actions in this life.

What is often missing, though, is the knowledge of how to access this hardwired wisdom and the willingness to slow down long enough to hear it. Today, consider adding a practice of listening to your intuition. Consider trading in an activity such as:

  • 10 minutes of reading others’ wisdom
  • 10 minutes of TV
  • 10 minutes of complaining or gossip
  • 10 minutes eating what your body doesn’t need

for 10 minutes of sitting still, breathing, listening to your body.

Can you do this?
Will you?

What is YOUR wisdom?