Is Your Dream Worth the Fight?

Today’s tidbit is inspired by two beautiful quotations:

“We fear to trust our wings. We plume and feather them, but dare not throw our weight upon them. We cling too often to the perch.” ~~ Charles B. Newcomb

“Let me fall. Let me climb. There’s a moment where fear and dream must collide.” ~~ Lyrics from Let Me Fall
collaboration between Josh Groban and Cirque du Soleil

Imagine the young bird never letting its fear of leaving the nest collide with the dream of flight. That young one will die of starvation in the nest!

I’ve heard that a dream which does not invoke some fear isn’t big enough. Dreams are meant to excite, to challenge, to take us out of our comfort zones and risk leaving the nest. In order to manifest these dreams, we must invite fear into a face-to-face with our dreams.

What big dream are you dreaming?
What do you feel when you invite the fullness of your dream to face fear?

Is your dream worth the fight?

What is YOUR wisdom?