Just a little bit

Ever had a task that seemed totally overwhelming? Ever need to learn a new skill and could not fathom how you would do it? Ever have trouble staying focused as you learn and find yourself constantly clock watching?

I have – often. For me, the restlessness comes from the fact that I hate the part of learning where I feel totally inept, a pure beginner. I want to be capable, to know how, NOW! While I suppose I could come to accept, treasure, or even like being a beginner, until that happens (in some future lifetime, I’m sure!), I overcome my resistance with this simple practice.

Are you ready?

You will need a timer and time – time in a series of days or weeks, depending on the task to be learned. Then, select an amount of time that you will commit to each day (5 minutes, 15 minutes, …). Consider setting a time of day as well (before work, right after dinner, …). Each day at the appointed hour, set the timer and begin. Take each next learning step until the timer goes off. Then stop. Even if you are mid-stream, honor your time commitment by stopping.

At some point, you will discover that you’ve overcome the initial overwhelm, perhaps come to enjoy doing “it”. Watch for the magic! I have learned computer software this way – 20 minutes/day before work – learning one nuance, one little skill each morning.

Just a little bit every day. Add a dose of trust that just a little bit every day will get you there.

What isn’t possible now?

What is YOUR wisdom?