Let Me Get Back To You On That!

Do you ever say YES to an opportunity without thinking and later wish you hadn’t? Has your YES habit landed you in resentment, too busy, frustration? Do you find that the energy you then bring to these activities is sour?

We could dig into WHY so many of us are “yes persons”. And often that includes things like a desire to be liked or loved or to look good. But not today. Today is for changing your response, one answer at a time.

Imagine taking back your personal power and being able to say YES when you mean YES and NO or “Perhaps another time” when that is your truth.


The next time you are about to say YES without thinking, try this simple 4-step process:

Let me get back to you on that!

  1. PAUSE: Respond with “Let me get back to you on that by [date]
  2. JOURNAL: What is true about this for me? Why do I want to do it? Why not? What is the impact of YES? What is the impact of NO? Is NOT THIS TIME but interested next time your truth?
  3. DECIDE: What is my decision?
  4. COMMUNICATE: Let the questioner know of your empowered YES or NO or LATER.

This process works when the questioner is a friend or family member wanting you to do something. It also works if the questioner is YOU wanting to skip exercise or eat unhealthfully or abandon yourself in some other way. Here you might “get back to yourself” in 5 or 10 minutes.

What will it be like to make self-honoring decisions?
What will it be like not to resent what you agree to?
What will it be like to keep commitments joyfully?

What is YOUR wisdom?