Let Your Intuition Take The Temperature

Perhaps you and I don’t share this life challenge, but just in case we do …

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done?
Does your mind race and try to take you in multiple directions at once?
Do you find you never quite get to what you really desire?

If so, maybe a fresh method for discerning would be helpful.

Imagine the image above as a form to complete. In the wider columns provided, jot down anything that comes to mind in these categories:

  1. Unfinished, nagging projects at home or at work
  2. Activities and involvements that consume lots of time and/or energy
  3. Ideas or dreams that you haven’t made time (yet) to pursue

Now, for each item on your list, close your eyes and bring the item fully into your awareness using each of your main intelligence faculties: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual. Let yourself be fully immersed in this item. Imagine it completed or taken to the “next level”. Imagine it impacting the world around you. From this place, answer these questions:

  • To what degree is this something that is yours to do?
  • Ask your intuition to give you a thermometer read. Are you burning with desire or freezing in the Antarctic?
  • Record its temperature in the smaller box to the right

When you are finished, use the temperature of each item and your intuition around the broader vision of your life to determine how much of your precious time, attention, energy and passion this item is to receive NOW, LATER or NEVER.

Then what?

You guessed it. If NEVER, take steps to release it. If LATER, do what you must to free your energetic space of its tentacles. Perhaps put it into your planner to revisit a month, six months or a year down the road. Look at what remains.

What needs to shift in your day-to-day to make time?
What support system will help you stay focused?
What does it feel like to follow your inner, intuitive guidance?

What is YOUR wisdom?