Limiting Beliefs

Moving forward in life requires rewriting our personal scripts – pulling apart fact from fiction and assumption in the stories we tell. Moving forward requires changing the messages we give ourselves from those dis-empowering, limiting, even downright rude ones, to powerful statements that invite us to express our amazingly beautiful, powerful, unique and awesome selves!

Today, I invite you to create a list of “limiting beliefs” – statements you use actively or which merely swim in your conscious and subconscious minds – but which limit how you show up in the world. Everyone’s list will be different but here are a few examples:

  • I need to be an expert before I can …
  • I have nothing unique to offer others.
  • No one will want what I have to offer.
  • That’s a luxury I can’t afford.
  • I can’t move forward without …
  • I don’t know what to do; I need more tools.
  • I need the safety of a paycheck so I can’t start my own business.
  • I have brilliant ideas but no one really “gets” me.
  • I couldn’t possibly …

Go deep!

When you stop yourself from moving forward, what messages limit you?
What rewrite can you offer for each?

What is YOUR wisdom?