Living in the Question

But what is the question?

Here’s the thing. I am exploring this topic for the sake of my next public speaking engagement. Perhaps you will explore it with me. The idea comes from these lyrics:

Follow My Soul (video recording)

I’ve traveled in the city and followed other’s steps.
I’ve done each task before me. My life: a success.
I’ve learned well, for I thought all life’s answers were taught.
Now I’m starting over to dream in the clover
I hear new questions again.

The questions that are with me each day and through the night
sometimes send fear straight through me. I know not wrong from right.
Yet I know I must go through this uncertain time
and be with the feeling, as the unknown’s revealing. I’m
learning a new way to grow.

I’m living with the questions. I’m moving in the flow.
At times I ask direction, yet often I know
that the way, I would go is not the path I’ve been shown.
Yet, I’m gonna go there; follow my soul where
my heart it knows my truth.

Words and music by Jeanne Loehnis
Copyright 2003 Jeanne Loehnis Appleton, Wisconsin

For today, I will leave you with:

  • What is the question in your soul?
  • What answer do you follow that isn’t yours?

What is YOUR wisdom?