Love Received

Dear friend in yonder house alone,
I’m here, waiting by the phone.
Often, when it used to ring,
we would laugh and we would sing.

We’ve reached an impasse. Will we cross?
Dare to risk impending loss?
Or choose the safe path? Surely then
we will lose – if we don’t bend.

Yes, everything must learn to sway
or it will falter, then give way
to hurt and suffering and pain.
Alone to face life’s hurricane.

Sometimes space is healing balm,
reflection time amid the calm.
And as the candle slowly burns
sweet memories of old return.

Yet time itself does not all heal,
bend and change must we as well.
Trust once lost is slow to grow
without the gift of bending low
and starting where the souls are one:
joined by God, forever strong.
Certainly we’ve not forgotten:
of heavenly Source were we begotten.

We are one, my friend and I.
And tho’ the winds blow strong and high
we’ll focus on the Truth; we’ll soar!
Your pain is mine; my joy is yours.

When I release the label, “friend”
and see instead, you as my twin,
of the same Divine true Source:
I want the best for you, of course.

And willingly I will provide
strength and love. I’ll be a guide
for you to follow to the Light
where Spirit can for you set right

the course your journey must extend
I will be here; I will bend.
I’ll walk beside, within, and then
I’ll hold you safely to the end.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2006

What is YOUR wisdom?