Morning Glow


I decided to try something new this morning. I am on my porch listening to the song birds. The eastern sky is a blend of soft pink and orange. Traffic noise is picking up as the crows add their voices to the mix. I am here with the laptop on my lap and you in my awareness. I breathe in deeply each time I look up from the screen. Hello train!

Usually, the computer stays indoors, not allowed to “corrupt” the morning sacred space. That also means that I must return indoors to be with the computer before my spirit really wants to. (NOTE: Clouds, soft and sparce across the sky, also have that morning, pinkish glow now.)

What I want to share this morning is this:

  1. Such judgment I place on the computer: it “corrupts” sacred space. I must ask, is that true?
  2. Because of that judgment, I have previously been unwilling to experiment and find out!
  3. Isn’t it up to me whether the presence of the computer steals the serenity I feel in the sacred space of the morning?

Today, I encourage you to notice where you have created a rule, a restriction, a way of being which no longer serves you, which is actually blocking you from nurturing yourself or moving forward in some way you desire.

What is the restriction?
What if you removed it?
What is the worst that can happen?
What is possible?

PS: In case you were wondering — the sky has continued to change and I have witnessed it. My spirit has remained open and light, a product of this sacred, outdoor space for me. My experiment has been surprisingly successful!

What is YOUR wisdom?