On Winds of Day

Deep inside I harbor fear:
emotions born in yesteryear.
I’ll not let go, it’s packed in tight:
pain that’s ready for a fight.

You gently ask me to begin
to crack the door and enter in.
Shed some light on ancient past.
Seen clearly it can never last.

“No, I won’t!”, my screams are loud.
I’ll not face the inner crowd.
Enemies as big as day!
I’ll not hear what they might say.

You then gently nudge again.
“What can happen, my dear friend,
if you hear the inner cry,
the life you knew in years gone by?”

“Yes, dear child, you’ve held firm
to memories both dark and grim.
You alone can break the chain:
release each thought that gives you pain.”

“I will hold your hand all night,
keep you safe till morning light,
bring sweet peace to grace the day
as you travel on your way.”

Let winds of day now freely blow
and with the wind your sorrows go.
Watch your pain now travel on;
dissipate with light of dawn.

Waken to the blessed morn.
Your sweet soul has been reborn.
“Now” the only moment yours.
On winds of day your spirit soars.

by Jeanne Loehnis, April 2004

What is YOUR wisdom?