One With All Creation

This morning as I sat outside witnessing the sunrise, I was gifted with a pure soul connection. Having watched several hummingbirds feed over the course of two cups of coffee, I was about to come back inside when the final visitor gave me a most precious gift. Before returning to his (her?) tree home, he hovered 3 feet from my face, connecting eye to eye and soul to soul. For at least 15 seconds, his presence touched me. Three times he dipped, paused, then reset his location.

I have heard of those who become one with the whales.This morning, I was one with that hummingbird. Yet what I know is that we are always one with these precious creatures. We are always one with Life in all its forms. Yet we are so often unaware, unconscious, unwilling to slow down long  enough, be still enough, to recognize the connection.

What connections need your acknowledgment?
What are you waiting for?

What is YOUR wisdom?