Open your mind …

Spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, speaks about opening your mind so it is vast enough to include anything. In this way, we aren’t knocked off balance when “life hits”. Think about it:

  • When our mind wants things a certain way
  • When we operate under a strict set of rules for right and wrong
  • When “a good day” must include: a great night’s sleep, the kids getting themselves up and ready without a fight, gas in the tank, colleagues at work in a good mood, etc…

Then, when anything goes awry, we are likely to get upset, lose our serenity, lash out. ImagineĀ instead your mind so vast that you include it all – the kids being kids, the colleagues in a rough spot, the gas tank on empty because someone else didn’t fill it. Nothing that happens can be so large that it disrupts your inner peace, balance, sanity. When “it” happens, you say, “Oh, this too. Okay.”

Try it. Try practicing “this too” whenever something unforeseen shows up today. Maybe even try letting go of your definition of a “good” day or a ” bad” day. Just this day. Just thisĀ task. Just this.

What fits when your mind is wide open?

What is YOUR wisdom?