Peace For A Price

Everyone around the globe
deserves a life serene:
safe, well fed, and free to be
the love which they believe.

But all must pay a price that’s steep;
world peace will not come free.
Each of us must do our part.
Peace starts with you and me.

Payment made through war and strife
and persons killed in vain
is not the price I’m thinking of.
For war I do disdain.

The price of peace requires
of each person on the earth
time devoted to the Truth
that every life has worth.

All whose human heart does beat
must dwell within to know
the peace which knows no boundaries:
knows the oneness of all souls.

Then bring each must to daily tasks
the knowledge of the heart.
Guided by Love’s vision pure:
Sweet peace to all impart.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2004

What is YOUR wisdom?