Playing with words

Do you like to play with words? As a writer, I do, and I play with them in prose, poetry, and lyric. But as a computer programmer, I have been around words as acronyms for a very long time. Finding just the right words to go with each letter of the acronym in a way that defines it is both fun and challenging. Two of my long time favorites that I originally heard at Unity, are:

FEAR – (F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal

TRUST – (T)aking (R)isks (U)nder (S)tressful (T)imes

One meaning asks us to see or interpret fear, especially the fear that seems to come out of nowhere and has us totally stuck, unable to take any next action, as a personal reaction that isn’t needed. Our interpretation of the “evidence” has left us filled with fear yet, upon closer look, there is nothing truly to be afraid of. And, TRUST asks that in fearful moments we take action, risk, and move through those stressful times.

How do FEAR and TRUST speak to you?

Recently, I found myself playing with LIFE and CHANGE in my morning journaling. Here are my current acronyms:

LIFE – (L)et (I)t (F)low (E)ffortlessly

CHANGE – (C)urious (H)olding, (A)ngelic (N)on-resistance (G)uiding (E)volution

Would you believe the topic of my journaling was life changes? Sometimes, these seem very hard! I found in myself a belief that life itself is effortless flow if I allow it. Change and going with that life flow requires curiosity and curious holding rather than “(C)autious (H)anging-on” and it goes more smoothly if we apply the non-resistance of angels. As for evolution, can it possibly happen without change? NOT!

Awhile back, another acronym came to me and its simplicity makes it an easy-to-remember life support system:

JOY – (J)ourney (O)f (Y)es!

Joy happens when we allow this journey of our lives to be filled with yeses! Imagine being willing to try something new, saying “Yes!” with confidence and assurance when the boss suggests a new responsibility or the child a new way of looking at things or life itself presents a challenge. Imagine, rather than retreating in fear, opening to the new and finding opportunity!

Are you ready to see some of your FEAR as false and risk taking that next step in TRUST? Can you allow LIFE to flow through each CHANGE?

Are you ready for today to be a JOY ride?

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What is YOUR wisdom?