Purpose …

Today arrived – or should I say – I woke up to this day around 5:00am. One of my first thoughts, I’m excited to report, was this:

What is my purpose today?

Why get out of this warm, cozy, comfy bed? Why stretch this body and move it through the overnight tightness to daytime flexibility? Why be on the planet today?

Well, today  I get to spend several hours with a group of creative women who gather every Tuesday to  share the “creative journey” at the local library. What a gift!! As part of my purpose on this planet, to awaken others to their unique and amazing selves, their passions, and encourage them to shine, I get to facilitate a songwriting workshop. In addition to having fun being creative together, I have this desired impact for these women:

To awaken some personal and shared memories; to leave a message in each soul that can’t be erased.

The message might be melody, experience, lyric, or memory. But I know that when these are merged and expressed, they will live forever. I got out of bed to help others create a forever soul message for their lives!

What about you? Why did you get out of bed today?

How will your life purpose be expressed through you and your actions this day?

What is YOUR wisdom?