Sacred Discipline

The phrase struck me today … sacred discipline.

What do you think of when you hear the word discipline? Often it conjures up  negativity, shoulds, restrictions, limitation, deprivation … all in service toward achieving some goal: “If I am disciplined enough, I will graduate with honors or lose ten pounds by Christmas.”

What would be different if the road to graduation
or to a more fit body, for example,
were paved with Sacred Discipline?

Here is one definition of the word sacred:

Sacred is something that is held in high regard,
something loved and revered.

Imagine holding discipline, or better yet, the goal that needs discipline, in high regard, loving it, revering it. From this perspective, knowing that the goal is sacred, what would it be like to let the journey be sacred as well?

What if “sacred” filled your studying?
What if “sacred” empowered your exercise?

How would sacred make the journey lighter?


What is YOUR wisdom?