As I write, life has again been full – all self-induced full. And truly, it was all goodHowever, I arrived at today knowing that I need space, breathing space, unstructured time, ease, day-dreaming time, slow time and time to be aware – simply aware of “this” and “this”.

How did this happen – again?

I have been here before so many times – knowing that my spirit desires time and space, letting be and rest. Lessons I am aware of today include:

  • while I planned space between activities, I forgot to plan follow-up time from those activities which ended up consuming my space
  • I neglected to honor the fact that my spirit desires full-out,energetic presence with others which means that fewer meetings, lunches, connections are what honors both me and my relationships
  • my ego, the human that feels good that you want to be with me needs to be tempered with Thank you … then a spirit-inspired choice that might be “No, not now” or “No, this isn’t for me” or “Absolutely and I’ll make real space for you”

Today I commit to you that I will:

  • pause and breathe
  • block out time in the week ahead for space
  • practice the kind of choosing that includes “No, not now” and “No, this isn’t for me” in addition to “Of Course!”

What about you?

What does your schedule look like?
What would space feel like?
What bold action (or non-action) will honor YOU?

What is YOUR wisdom?