Speaking My Truth

I came to this day and my usual morning self-connection with an intention to connect with you – a plan. Yet, when I sat down to write, I noticed that I really didn’t know what I’d write about. So, why am I writing? What is the purpose anyway?

How often is your life a series of tasks, plans carried out without a connection to the purpose, the intention for the action? Can it be different? What if it was?

When I started blogging, part of me didn’t think I’d have anything new to add to the millions of words and ideas and awesomeness that already exists in cyberspace. I decided to write anyway, believing that if I were to add value, it would have to come from my heart and be my truth. This is the one thing that I have that no one else could possibly have: my truth. And I am the only one on the planet who can speak my truth, yes?

I guess that is the message of the day and the reason I was to write to you! We all have a personal truth that “I alone can speak”. WARNING: Speaking my truth doesn’t have anything to do with convincing “you” of something or trying to change “you”.  Speaking truth, for me, is about getting clear within myself about my life journey. It is about shining a light on my real thoughts, feelings and beliefs so that I can make an informed decision and choose what is the “next right thing” for me. Facing my truth, accepting where I am, offers me a chance to grow and change if I so desire. Denying my truth, trying to hide it or avoid it, blocks me from my personal evolution. Each thing that I refuse to look at adds to a heavy load of leftovers which require more and more energy to keep “at bay”.

What is your relationship with personal truth?
In what ways to you try to deny it?
What is possible if you face it head on?

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