Taking the “K” out of FUNK

Okay, I woke up in a funk. Emotions were heavy in my heart space. I felt like I was on the slippery slope down towards depression.

Does this ever happen to you?

Some days, I go down the slope. Sometimes, I try to figure out what negative thing is causing the heaviness. Today, I tried something different. I decided to take the K out of my funk:

FUNK minus K (a.k.a. “K”illjoy) equals FUN!

And it worked! As soon as I refused to listen to the voice of killjoy, I began to hear what it is that delights my spirit, that brings a smile to my face, what it is that I consider fun.

The next time you find yourself in a funk, try removing Mr. Killjoy and ask:

What is fun to me?
(even if no one else thinks it’s fun!)
Who might enjoy that kind of fun with me?

(ask them!)
When can I schedule a dose of that fun?

(make it happen!)

What is YOUR wisdom?