Tears on the Mat

I am just home from a gentle yoga practice during which tears came – again. It isn't the first time. Nor will it be the last. I have come to know, however, that they are significant and there is a message. Today, when I asked my body what they meant, I heard:

Listen to me. I know how to heal myself. Allow me. I want to be strong and whole for you. Allow me. Let me release these tears.

Let me fully let go, relax. I will knit sore muscles back together. Allow me. I will return to wholeness. Allow me.

My intention for the practice was “Gentleness. Listen to the body and move slowly.” You see, I have been on a journey back to health that recently included a 3 week fast from yoga. And that was hard, very hard. Returning to the mat, it is absolutely vital that I return slowly, ease the body into its natural flexible state without reinjuring torn hamstrings, ligaments and triceps.

And this isn't the easiest thing I've ever done! In fact, it is so hard for me to let go of physical health, activity, and ego satisfaction that this lesson has returned to me over and over and over again! Let's see — first there was the back. Then the hamstrings. Then the wrists. Then the hamstrings and buttocks (over and over and over again since last summer). And, thanks to a “wrong” swing on the racquetball court last Monday, I've added the right triceps to the mix.

Stubborn? Who, me? What is this really about?

I believe we will continue to receive “gifts” which can teach us provided we receive them and actually learn our lesson. Some of the lessons I seem to need repeatedly include:

  • Listen to the body
  • Be with what is
  • Allow life to flow through me
Tears for me, on and off the mat, are life flowing through me and stuckness moving on. Today, I paused when they came. I listened. I allowed myself to “be with what is” in that moment.

Moving forward, can I remain so willing? Can I listen to my body and continue to allow the healing process – in the body's time, not mine? In this moment, this is my intention. Will you help me? Will you hold a powerful thought around my willingness to listen and obey my body?

What gifts, repeatedly offered, do you reject?
What are the tears in your life?
What are the torn muscles in you that are begging for healing?

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