Tell Me More

Yesterday, my first and impulsive reaction to a request was “No” and I stated it. The questioner continued to bounce ideas, stay on his path. By the end of the conversation, I found myself agreeing to the original request with a slight twist.

But my energy was a NO for a long time! And that didn’t feel good. You see, I could have┬ápaused long enough to remember that we had the same end goal in mind before responding in a new way:

  • Silence my “no” and ask, “Tell me more. What’s the goal?”
  • Voice my “no” with “Wow, I find myself wanting to reject your idea without hearing more. Please, tell me more.”

Either of these is an opening to connection where “No” is like slamming a door in another’s face.

What relationship in your life could use more connection?
How would “Tell me more” impact conversation?

This is not a new topic so please forgive the repetition unless, like me, you need the lesson repeated! Here is a link to a former post on this topic:

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What is YOUR wisdom?