The 12 Steps For Spiritual Growth

  1. Became open to the possibility that I am not alone in this world and that I was created with intention and for a purpose by a master creator.
  2. Came to believe that the master creator made me special, whole, and complete and has planted within me all that I need to blossom into my fullest potential.
  3. Made a conscious decision to accept this great gift of life and to live each day to the fullest.
  4. Completed an honest evaluation of my personal strengths, seeing each as a gift from the master creator, and knowing that it is my privilege and responsibility to develop these gifts and to share them with the world.
  5. Honoring my truth as a spiritual being created with purpose, discussed my personal strengths with those persons who would encourage me to grow my talents and to share them freely.
  6. Sensing my own fear and hesitation surrounding owning and developing my strengths, learned that true humility is not merely admitting our mistakes; rather it is the egoless and joyful expression of our personal gifts as we walk this planet.
  7. In true humility, made an agreement with the master creator to explore, develop, and release the gifts I’ve been given into the world.
  8. Became aware of the ways in which I have abandoned my spiritual self by rejecting or ignoring the gifts that are mine to give.
  9. Through action, sometimes in the smallest of baby steps, began to develop my gifts and to see in myself the beautiful, glorious creation that I was made to be!
  10. Regularly reviewed my personal gifts and the progress I have made toward their fullest expression, noting where adjustments were needed for continued growth.
  11. Sought through direct connection with the master creator to learn where I was to share my talents and to receive the necessary courage and strength to do so in true humility.
  12. Having learned to love and respect the magnificent creation that I am, shared myself and my gifts with others in every area of my life.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2006

What is YOUR wisdom?