The Gift in the Block

Often, on the journey of transformation and change, we experience roadblocks, detours, old behaviors and thought patterns, and old reactions to life. We may feel hopeless and think about giving up. We have known the freedom of forward movement and self-empowerment and this block has stripped us of this new energy, passion, and delight.

What we may fail to realize is that blocks are to be expected! Each block is another layer of internal programming ready to be released. Even if it looks like a block we’ve already dealt with, consider it one more layer of skin on the onion that needs peeling away. If you are willing to face it with an open mind and heart, view it as “an experience” free of any judgment, you are on your way. Ponder this song lyric:

What Would Courage Say?

When I release my fear of fear and draw fear close and pause to hear
that still small voice: my inner guide. No longer need I run and hide.
I hear Wisdom say:
The fear you feel within your soul
has come to teach you, make you whole.
Listen well then turn to see, I’m in all; I’ll set you free.

Or this quote:

“It seems to me that the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back. If I can relax, fear relaxes, too.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Then consider these steps, modified slightly from the work of Penney Peirce in The Intuitive Way:

  1. Claim this truth: “I am bigger than my emotions.”
  2. Using neutral vision, re-experience what’s blocking you. Look with your heart, your innermost being, through the eyes of Wisdom.
  3. Be with what really is – list the facts.
  4. Notice first your emotional reaction then release.
  5. Notice each physical sensation. Focus on each one from the perspective of your heart and soul, from love and compassion. Breathe deeply. What does each want to express? What does your body want to do to alleviate this discomfort?
  6. Express it! Whether your body says move, cry, dance, scream, breathe, stretch, rest. Do it!
  7. As you meet your body’s requests, notice any images, ideas, free associations in your awareness.
  8. Finally, ask to receive the wisdom embedded in the experience of the block, the release, and in each awareness.

What did you find below the block?
What piece of you has been reclaimed?

What is the gift?

What is YOUR wisdom?