The Paradigm Shift

Sometimes, even “new software” isn’t the answer. Sometimes the shift that Life is asking us to make is as drastic as shifting from PC to Mac (yes, this would be drastic for me!) or:

  • leaving the typewriter behind to use the computer
  • dropping your land line and using only cell phones
  • the Pony Express to the U.S.P.S to e-mail

Or maybe the shift is from intelligence and reason to intuition as your primary guidance system. The paradigm shift can be scary, uncomfortable or painful. Its potential impact on other aspects of the world around us – enormous. Yet, sometimes refusing to take the leap of faith is even more painful or destructive.

Where is Life asking you to leap?
What can you vision on the other side?

Let the vision be your courage! Enlist your support team and jump!

What is YOUR wisdom?