The Perfect Time

Tune in to what’s left unsaid
after all have gone to bed.
In the silence of your mind
thoughts do spin. And therein lie

the dreams to which your heart aspires
sung for you by heavenly choirs.
Listen that your inner ear
may discern the guidance clear.

Each of us our life must live
using gifts that we’ve been given.
Grow our talents, skills, and wealth
and give the world our precious selves.

For buried treasures lose their luster.
Mounds of doubt and fear: they fester.
Later, when our skills improve:
then, we say, we’ll show the world.

Yet when another takes the stage,
our dreams cry out as jealous rage.
Spewing forth the rotten stench
of self-rejection turned to hate.

Now, ever the perfect time
to be ourselves and share our rhyme,
to gift the world in all we do.
I go forth. And now, will you?

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2005

What is YOUR wisdom?