The Ten Percent T-Rap

'Tis time to tell the tale
of a tactic tried and true
toward trusting transformation
to the totally terrific you!

A tool to test the tired,
and torment mere tiny thoughts.
'Twill be tedious, even turbulent,
oh so taxing when 'tis fought.

The tabloids think it terrible,
and tycoons a torrential typhoon!
It’ll tackle and be tragic
if tit for tat’s your tune.

Yet you’ll tap dance once you taste
this tangy, tantalizing, trick.
Tell the tag team to take charge,
team together; to be quick!

Today 'tis time to start to
share your talent and your time.
Ten percent tenaciously tendered:
transform your spirit with your tithe!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007

What is YOUR wisdom?