The “Undecideds”

Last bit, we explored powerful YESes and NOs. The unspoken message was about the way-too-powerful and draining in-between: the maybes, the undecideds, limbo-land. Now that you have given your powerful YES to some decisions, your powerful NO to others, let’s look at what remains. Use these questions:  What are you avoiding? What decisions do you refuse to make? to bring to mind and heart those decisions or situations or relationships that represent limbo-land for you. Just be here now. No, don’t try to decide. No, don’t put them on the list. No, don’t try to figure out what you need. For this moment, just be here with the feelings, the weight of the undecideds. Then, for each of these:

What would a powerful YES feel like?
What would a powerful NO feel like?

There is one more option for you. Mark your calendar at some point in the future. Agree to put this decision aside – give it NO time, attention, or thought – until that date.

What calls for a “powerful, intentional POSTPONE”?

What is YOUR wisdom?