The Urge to SPLURGE!

It is Sunday morning here. I woke rested to discover an absolutely beautiful night sky, mild temperatures, and the idea to enjoy a backyard fire in the chiminea. So I followed the urge to let the tasks wait and gifted myself with the experience of hot, hazelnut coffee, a blazing fire, and simple peace.

Now I'm here with you and find myself again playing with words. Splurge comes to mind … and has within it that wonderful “urge” word:

(S)ense (P)owerful (L)ittle (U)rges? (R)eceive (G)od's (E)xtravagance!

Neat, huh? I've been noticing and following urges for the past week or so … and splurging. Not in grand, expensive ways, but honoring and paying attention in moments that present possibilities. Hearing the call to try something different. And going for it!

A few examples from my week:

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