Time for the Major Upgrade

Sometimes software needs more than a point release; it requires a major overhaul with powerful new features and the letting go of older, no longer compatible features. The new version may – and may not – resemble the old in look and feel. Ideally, it is easier to use and has wonderful new features. And it just might be so different that it takes the user way outside their comfort zone for awhile!

In life, you might be at a crossroads. Perhaps you are ready for a major upgrade with respect to self-care habits, how you spend your free time, how you earn a living. You may be ready to begin a workout regime, change to a vegan diet or find a new organization in which to share your talents. Know that large-scale changes such as these can feel very uncomfortable! Know also that you need not move through them without a support team, guidance and encouragement.

Where are you ready for a major upgrade?
What does your support team look like?

What do you vision down the road?

Keep your vision easily accessible as encouragement through the discomfort!

What is YOUR wisdom?