Time is elongating…

What follows is a message which flowed into my journal recently. While choosing part-time work, I have a parallel full-time practice of learning to live the moments mindfully, coming to a new understanding of Life in all its complexity and beauty, routine and miraculous. I am practicing living and choosing from my heart space rather than the calendar and the to-do list. It is from this place, that the writing below emerged. It isn’t for everyone! But, especially if you find yourself new to retirement, or, like me, on a journey of presence to the moment, it may strike a resonance in you.

Time is elongating – what used to be an everyday happening is now less regular and less frequent – or perhaps it is my concept of “day” that is changing … it is less controlled as alarms rarely call me to action at a particular hour – nightfall encourages sleep when it’s ready.

Time is elongating – the schedule no longer says: “Next up – NOW!” Rather, intentional space is built in. With you I am – and stay. There is no need for concern over what comes next.

Time is elongating – heart speak isn’t premeditated or fast paced (unless it is!). Usually, it is as delicate and gentle, slow and anticipatory as the rose bud revealing the rose. The bud does not loosen because time says so. It softens its grip because sun, air, internal readiness have reached a point of “yes – now – allow – this is the moment”.

Time is elongating – the rose bud that I am is tuning to the timelessness of Wisdom – Life – Love – Universe. All is. I am. We are. All are. Nothing is.

What is YOUR wisdom?