Creating the life we dream of is filled with visioning, forward movement, action. Sometimes, however, there is much value in pause, being with what is here now, in NOT reaching for what’s next. In the pauses, it can also be helpful to notice what doesn’t fit any longer and is ready to be released. Consider this short description of the trapeze artist taken from “The Yamas and Niyamas” by Deborah Adele:

Hanging in Mid-Air

Much like the moment when the breath is completely exhaled, the trapeze artist has a moment when they are suspended in mid-air. My understanding is that they have to let go of one bar and wait in mid-air for the next swinging bar to reach them. If they hold on to the current bar, or reach for the next bar, their timing will be off and they will fall. Instead, they must let go fully to be ready for the bar swinging towards them, trusting the timing of the swing and not their own effort to reach.

What bar have you held onto too long?
What bar are you reaching for prematurely?
Where are you gloriously suspended in mid-air?

What is YOUR wisdom?