Wants and Needs Part II

Of course there is a part one! Here you go:

Wants and Needs Part I

Today’s focus is around getting our wants and needs met. Consider these two statements:

I need to talk about what just happened.
I need to talk about what just happened with Mary Jane.

Now feel into the expectation of the second statement. Perhaps you really do need to talk. But do you need to talk with “Mary Jane”? How often do we force others to meet our emotional needs? Perhaps even our want or need for activity:

I need/want to go for a walk.
I need/want to go for a walk with YOU.

The next time you find yourself with a need, notice if you are narrowing the possibility for getting the need met and placing expectations on another person. Then ask yourself:

What if I force “you” to meet my need?
What other options do I have?
What if I get my need met and return to “you” filled up?

Then choose.

What is YOUR wisdom?